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(Alcohol, Substance Use and Gambling)

In simple terms, addiction can described as a compulsive behavior that leads maladaptive behaviors which impact multiple areas of someone’s life.  The addiction can be classified as mild, moderate or severe.  Addiction can increase in intensity over time, is considered chronic by medical authorities. 

The Modified CAGE Test for All Addictions is a nationally recognized screening tool for alcohol and can be applied to other substances or behaviors such as gambling. Below are the 4 simple questions. 

  1. Have you ever thought you should Cut down your drug or alcohol use?
  2. Have you ever felt Annoyed when people have commented on your use?
  3. Have you ever felt Guilty or badly about your use?
  4. Have you ever used drugs or alcohol to Ease withdrawal symptoms, or to avoid feeling low after using?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, consider coming in for a consultation. If you’re a family member living with someone you feel has a problem, think about coming to a safe place to let go of the pain and fear you experience on a daily basis. 

Addiction is often a symptom of a concern seeded in a history of trauma.  Psychotherapy is beneficial to help individuals struggling to stop participating in the behavior or working at maintaining a lifestyle of recovery.  For a consultation,

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