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Family Counseling

Family counseling/therapy is a way to deal with common family problems and solutions to conflict.  In sessions the family members can participate in family therapy activities that explore feelings and help identify behaviors that meet the needs of those most affected.  Family therapy can be seen as a method of mediation between loved ones who are experiencing a disconnect in communication and interaction.  The role of family therapy is to help increaser the family’s ability to function as a unit with healthy boundaries and structure.


SKILLS are taught during sessions.  Parents learn additional skills to empower them to utilize their authority in a nurturing way that helps children build self-esteem and learn positive independent living skills. Parent-child interaction

Domestic Violence/Divorce/Speration

Men and Women often stay in relationships that are unhealthy and/or abusive for years.  After a person leaves an abusive relationship they often experience the symptoms of trauma, anxiety and depression.  Therapy can provide a place for women and men to process the impact of a harmful relationship and build self-esteem, learn to trust, participate in healthy relationship habits and live a meaningful life. To schedule an appointment for a consultation in a safe supportive environment,

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