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Signs of Depression

Dealing with depression is difficult.  Signs of Depression can involve a lack of lust for life events, body pains, difficulty getting out of bed, maintaining regular hygiene habits, anger, feelings of low self-esteem and a host of other symptoms that impact a person’s ability to cope with life and fulfill daily responsibilities. 

Combined with genetic factors symptoms of depression can be triggered by life events that are extremely stressful and often create feelings of void.  There is a genetic component to depression and often talk-therapy combined with additional supports can be beneficial. 

Dealing with Depression

Depression is difficult to deal with, it drains your energy and motivation and can make you isolate from others.  However, work out a plan with someone close to you to check-in daily, take a short walk in your neighborhood, play upbeat music, watch upbeat movies, consider the possibility of a therapy pet.  During psychotherapy sessions, you can receive assistance to identify a plan that works for your unique lifestyle.  In addition, it’s a safe place to express the thoughts that haunt and nag you.  Most important if you have thoughts of harming yourself, call 911 or use the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.   

If you are struggling with depression or symptoms of depression, it’s important to consult with a professional.  To schedule an appointment for a consultation in a safe supportive environment,

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