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Anxiety Services

What is Anxiety

Millions of people struggle with anxiety which is very treatable.  Yet, everybody wonders what is anxiety? Anxiety can be described as that constant dread a person feels, excessive worrying and distress that interferes with their ability to function and achieve the things they would normally do.

Symptoms of Anxiety

 It’s normal to experience anxiousness from time to time, especially before a major event (i.e., expecting a baby, taking a big exam, etc.)  However, if you find that your ability to fulfill day to day activities are impaired and your anxiousness last for months on end speak with a professional.  There is a broad range of symptoms which look different for each individual.  Some of the major symptoms are:  excessive worrying, problems with sleep patterns, problems with concentration, physical symptoms like difficulty catching your breath, sweating profusely, muscle tension and so many other indications. The length of time is also important, has this been going on for a long period of time (6 months or more).  Is it impacting your ability to get on with life? 

Types of Anxiety

There are different types of anxiety:  General ize Anxiety Disorder (GAD); social phobias; specific phobias; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Post-traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)  and Panic Disorders.  Symptoms of anxiety may be unique to the type of anxiety a person is struggling with.  For instance, a panic attack can make someone feel like they are having a heart attack, someone with OCD will have ritualistic behaviors like excessive hand washing. 

If you identify with any of the information above, or feel that you’re not yourself; it’s important to consult with a professional.  To schedule an appointment for a consultation in a safe supportive environment,

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