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Concern4Community is a concept Tracey D. Little, LCSW, CASAC strongly believes in. Part of Tracey's vision is to strengthen the local community through increased availability of clinical services based on the foundation of healing, nurturing and support. Services are aimed to assist community members increase their level of functioning and productivity by using cognative behavioral therapy based on a trauma informed perspective.

Helping Individuals and Communities

Dealing with life is similar to going through a maze.  At times, you can be moving along with no problem and suddenly there's a bump in the road.  Speaking about your feelings when life throws you a loop is a great relief.  Exploring alternative survival skills can lessen the pain. Therapy is about working towards the better place you imagine yourself in.

It's like a song by Kirk Franklin, "Imagine Me." 

Imagine me, loving what I see when the, mirror looks at me cause I,
I imagine me, in a place, of no insecurities and I'm finally happy cause,
I imagine me, letting go, of all of the ones who hurt me, cause they never did deserve me,
can you imagine me, saying no to thoughts that try to control me...
Can you imagine me, over what my mamma said and, healed from what my daddy did and,
I wanna live and not read that page again.

Stronger Individuals,  Stronger Families, Stronger Communities